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birdy955 in gearsandglory

Steampunk Recipe - Curry of Tentacle with Assorted Nightshades

I had a bag of tentacles... i found something to do with it. (tomatoes and eggplant are nightshades, hence the name of this dish)

3 cups assorted tentacles (squid or octopus) or (for the faint of
heart) other assorted seafood
Two large eggplants
Two cans diced tomatoes
½ cup minced garlic
1 cup curry powder of your choice
1/4 cup butter or other cooking oil
Salt to taste

Clean and chop eggplant
Add eggplant, tomato, ¼ cup of the garlic and  ¾ cup of the curry
powder to a large pot
Let simmer while you prepare the seafood
Add the remaining ingredients to a frying pan and sauté till the
seafood is nearly done.
Add to pot, stir, adjust seasoning to taste, and let simmer for around
a half hour or till the tentacles and eggplant are nice and soft
Serve over noodles or rice, or with bread