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pennystanhope in gearsandglory

Howdy Do, Moppets

Welcome to Gears & Glory, a community for Steampunk enthusiasts and addicts. Anything and everything about Steampunk is allowed in here. We love a good bit of Victorian history or even a piece of fiction. Links to fun tidbits and toysare well recieved and greedily gobbled up, so please do. And if you happen to cosplay Steampunk, again, please do. Pictures are pretty and make everyones day.

Now, to start you all off with some fun links from your Warden, here are some wonderful Steampunk websites to browse.

Brass Goggles A wonderful UK web blog with a cacophony of Steampunk goodies in various degrees.

Aether Emporium A website and directory of Steampunk concerned sites and interviews.

Fanplusfriend An online gothic lolita clothing site that carries Victorian Era inspired pieces and are hand made upon order.

Abney Park andJohnny Hollow , two honest to goodness Steampunk bands who's websites are almost a rival to their wonderful music.

All these will be moved to the link page so you won't have to worry your pretty heads about searching for this entry again for the links.

Have fun, join up and help spread the delightful genre.

Your Mod and Maintainer,
Penelope Stanhope